Universitet Lessons

Russia After the Arab Spring

In 2015, I moved to Moscow to spend a year teaching human rights. I lasted five months. As my former students from that time are arrested for protesting the Ukrainian war, here are some reflections on what I learned about the evil of Putin and the kindness of Russians.(...)


John Foster / 12 Aug 2022

Marx on Neoliberalism

Hyperculture, by Byung Chul-Han

Korean-German philosopher Byung Chul-Han is the quintessential postmodern figure. Having to come to Germany to study metallurgy, he switched fields and mastered the argot of German philosophy.(...)


Charlie Bertsch / 10 Aug 2022

Post-War Youth

400 Blows After Netflix

François Truffaut’s  The 400 Blows is one of cinema’s all-time classics, the 1959 film that demonstrated how deftly a new generation of French critics could transform themselves into the filmmakers of la nouvelle vague.(...)

This way for asylum seekers. Refugee drop-off, Berlin. [Joel Schalit]