Charlie Bertsch / 30 Nov 2022

The Abstract City

Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis, by Walter Ruttmann

Walter Ruttmann’s 1927 film Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis is strangely suited for these times, when traditional moviegoing is in perilous decline, providing a way to disentangle the art of cinema from that mode of consumption.(...)


Oliver Sheppard / 28 Nov 2022

Unfinished Business

A Brief Moment in the Sun, by Soulside

That the first song on Soulside's new LP ends with a sample from a 1952 American civil defence film Duck and Cover, about a nuclear apocalypse, says it all.(...)


John Foster / 25 Nov 2022

Think Different

Culture from the Slums, by Jeff Hayton

Based on the flurry of academic titles about it over the last decade, punk has become as common to college curriculums as it is to the Top 40. Why this took so long is baffling.(...)

Europe Today

01 Dec 2022

The Arab street. Boulevard Lemmonier, Brussels. [Joel Schalit]