The Battleground is a non-profit news startup to counter false narratives and propaganda that are eroding trust in politics and the media. We focus on Europe and its influences on, and from, the wider world.

Whether it is migration, climate change, populism or globalisation, we look behind the news headlines and provide perspective – to give clarity and meaning where there is confusion and conflict.

Ultimately, it is about defending democracy.


Our Mission

  • Fight false narratives
  • Defend democracy
  • Combat racism
  • Expose extremism
  • Promote diversity
  • Champion ethical journalism


Our editorial agenda is consistent with the European Federation of Journalists' ethical priorities.

In an era of tabloid 'churnalism', where news is a 24/7 product designed to create clickthroughs, The Battleground's publications are meant to promote ethical standards in journalism, providing socially responsible and educational content to defend European democracy.

We align with the EFJ's  MediaAgainstHate campaign, by providing the most consistent, in-depth articles on European diversity politics, in English.

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