John Foster / 14 Jan 2022

Communist Artificial Intelligence

Work Without the Worker, by Phil Jones

The robots are coming to take our jobs. Well, perhaps not universally. Truth be told, not everybody thinks it’s a bad thing.(...)

John Foster / 07 Jan 2022

The Democrats Fail on Race

The Cruelty is the Point, by Adam Serwer

As a Black man, a Jew, and a journalist, Adam Serwer is a three-time loser to Donald Trump.(...)

John Foster / 10 Dec 2021

Postmodern Means Today

Everything, All the Time, Everywhere, by Stuart Jeffries

It’s a problem that won’t go away. Separating postmodernism from socialism, particularly the “cultural Marxists” of the Frankfurt School, remains extremely difficult.(...)

John Foster / 03 Dec 2021

The Southern Question

The Rebirth of Italian Communism, by David Broder

Italy occupies a peculiar place in the history of the left.(...)

John Foster / 26 Nov 2021

Germany of the Future

Replacing Angela Merkel

Sixteen years of leadership by any party is too long. Particularly for a country half of which is still new to democracy, like Germany.(...)

John Foster / 17 Sep 2021

Out of the Red

The Struggle to Save the Soviet Economy, by Chris Miller

The end of communism was meant to be a return to the “civilised” world of individualism and consumerism. It didn’t quite happen that way.(...)

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