Raz Mesinai / 23 Sep 2020

Field Recording Tattoos

The Sound of Lockdown

Long gone are the days of walk-ins from sailors on shore leave or drunken bridesmaids. Now it is all about booking months in advance, getting tested for COVID-19 and being respectful of everyone’s safe space.  A tattoo has become one mistake too expensive, and, potentially dangerous, to get without proper consideration.(...)
Women in front. Beirut, November 2019.
Raz Mesinai / 09 Sep 2020

This is What Lebanon Sounds Like

Capturing the October Revolution

Clanging pots, banging cans, all playing in unison. You'd be forgiven for thinking this was a concert, not a demonstration. But, this was Beirut, at the start of the October Revolution and these were demonstrators blurring the line between music and politics. (...)
Raz Mesinai / 14 Aug 2020

Sonic Politics

Sound is Power

Black Lives Matter is a human rights movement. It’s about the discrimination that people of colour experience today, in democracies that supposedly guarantee equal rights.(...)