The Battleground / 23 Dec 2021

The Year in The Battleground

Planning for 2022

The Battleground does things differently. From the start, the idea was to stand out in a highly competitive media market in which there was too much of the same thing. (...)
The Battleground / 08 Nov 2021

Letter to Vladimir Bilčík

Petition to the European Parliament

On the occasion of your visit to Montenegro, we are writing to you to share our deep concern about the clericalisation of Montenegrin society, the suppression of media freedoms, the collapse of the concept of a civil state, multicultural society and many human rights violations.(...)

The Battleground / 29 Oct 2021

Letter to Oana Cristina Popa and Catherine Wendt

Montenegrins Petition the European Commission

We are a representative group of concerned Montenegrin citizens – academics, activists, journalists and intellectuals of all genders. We do not represent any single political party or civic group in Montenegro, but we support and defend Montenegro’s status as a secular, multi-ethnic and anti-fascist society, which we believe is being threatened and even dismantled by the current government.(...)
The Battleground / 26 Oct 2021

Freedom of Speech

The Battleground’s Fall Book List

Blame it on the algorithms. The bad press bears itself out. For progressive journalists seeking to reach bigger audiences, according to reports, the world’s biggest social media - Facebook and Twitter - prefer the right.(...)

The Battleground / 23 Oct 2021

Don’t Call it World Beat

The Charlie Bertsch Interview, Part II

Culture is never foreign. The more distant it seems, the more we find that it ultimately looks or sounds familiar. (...)
The Battleground / 08 Oct 2021

Music Opens Your Mind

Listening for the Future: The Charlie Bertsch Interview

In the 1960s, they called it consciousness-raising.  The idea was that popular music is about social change.(...)
The Battleground / 24 Sep 2021

Introducing Left To Burn

The Battleground’s New Podcast

In the debut episode of Left to Burn, John Foster and Josh White discuss the fallout of US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the analogy with Vietnam. But that’s not all.(...)

The Battleground / 29 Jun 2021

The Cultural Front

The Battleground’s Summer Book List

It's 2021, not 1917. Yet, when you read as much progressive media as The Battleground does, you'd be forgiven for mixing up the dates.(...)
The Battleground / 09 Mar 2021

The George Floyd Echo

Zack Furness on America on Fire

American civil rights crises usually don't go global. National issues, in Europe their significance tends to be the monopoly of activists and academics, primarily, and leftist politicians.(...)
The Battleground / 08 Dec 2020

The Case for Jacques Derrida

Peter Salmon, in Conversation With John Foster

The spectre of Jacques Derrida haunts the world. Sixteen years after his death, he remains one of the most polarising figures in Western intellectual life, lauded and reviled in equal measure.(...)

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