Goodbye United Kingdom

Descent Into Chaos, 2015-2022

If it happened, he wrote about it. Whether working as a finance journalist or dissecting Labour Antisemitism, for the last decade, Josh White has covered nearly every corner of the British Isles.

Writing for publications such as The New Statesman, Novara Media, and The Morning Star, The Battleground’s London editor has amassed a formidable résumé, establishing himself as one of the bright stars of Britain’s progressive press.

In Goodbye United Kingdom: Descent Into Chaos, 2015-2022, White collects his hot takes on Brexit and its aftermath. As much a political autobiography as a blow-by-blow analysis, the book is the only one of its kind. So far.

Hailing from a working-class family in Derbyshire, Josh White’s journalism stands out for its concerns about social justice and democracy. Though critical of Jeremy Corbyn, White represents the youth culture raised by his leadership.

Repeatedly mourning the collapse of the Corbyn experiment, Goodbye United Kingdom still clings to the idea that a better Britain is possible. Albeit one which looks a lot smaller, and a lot more progressive, than today’s version.

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