Joel Schalit / 03 Feb 2022

Pro-Turkey, anti-Erdoğan. Gezi Park protest, Berlin. [Joel Schalit]

Jennifer Crakow / 01 Feb 2022

Radicalised by punk. Gig flyer, Berlin. [Jennifer Crakow]

Watched by the past. Occupied building, Berlin. [Jennifer Crakow]

Joel Schalit / 28 Jan 2022

Face mask for protection. Roma panhandler, Bahnhof Neukölln. [Joel Schalit]

Not unlikely from Syria. Karl-Marx-Straße, Neukölln. [Joel Schalit]

Joel Schalit / 10 Jan 2022

Asylum From Germany

The Coronavirus Shakes

They asked what the purpose of our visit was. “We’re fleeing Germany,” I said, as I handed over our Israeli and American passports. “My wife and I want to apply for asylum.”(...)

Joel Schalit / 26 Oct 2021

Hanau massacre victim. Neukölln, Berlin. [Joel Schalit]

Joel Schalit / 26 Jul 2021

Imagining a better Germany. Karl-Marx-Straße, Berlin. [Joel Schalit]

Joel Schalit / 22 Mar 2021

Pandemic aspirations. Weidendammer Bridge, Berlin. [Joel Schalit]

Joel Schalit / 22 Feb 2021

The Holocaust and the Nakba. BDS protest, Bundestag. [Joel Schalit]

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