Natalie Sarkic-Todd / 02 Jun 2023

May Days in Montenegro

The Month to End All Months

May in Montenegro holds particular historical significance. It marks the country’s triumph over fascism in WWII but also, since 2006, its regained independence, relinquished after WWI to what became Yugoslavia.(...)

Natalie Sarkic-Todd / 09 May 2023

Getting the Balkans Wrong

The Foreign Coverage Crisis

The Western Balkans are notoriously difficult to fathom. The evolving regional map of countries, borders, ethnicities and faiths is so complex that it requires more preparation to cover than other parts of Europe.(...)

Joel Schalit / 29 Oct 2021

EU Mission protest. Podgorica, Montenegro. [Aleksandra Radoman Kovacevic]

Natalie Sarkic-Todd / 28 Jul 2021

“Our passions connect us.” Retro socialist advert, Podgorica. [Natalie Sarkic-Todd]

Post-Serbian Montenegro. Morača river, Podgorica. [Natalie Sarkic-Todd]

Hands off the schoolbooks. Education ministry protest, Podgorica. [Natalie Sarkic-Todd]

Joel Schalit / 28 Sep 2020

‘Protect Others From Yourself’. Podgorica, Montenegro. [Natalie Sarkic-Todd]