Joel Schalit / 22 Mar 2022

The Way They Weren’t

Last kiss before neoliberalism. My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love replica, Berlin Brandenburg. [Joel Schalit]

Joel Schalit / 24 Feb 2022

Turkish communists on May Day. Kreuzberg, Berlin. [Joel Schalit]

Joel Schalit / 12 Jan 2022

He will return. San Salvario, Torino. [Joel Schalit]

Natalie Sarkic-Todd / 28 Jul 2021

Site of the first Partisan uprising. Virpazar, Montenegro. [Natalie Sarkic-Todd]

“Our passions connect us.” Retro socialist advert, Podgorica. [Natalie Sarkic-Todd]

80th anniversary of the uprising. Old Capital, Cetinje. [Natalie Sarkic-Todd]

Joel Schalit / 30 Nov 2020

Communism on his shoulder. Piazza Vittorio, Torino. [Joel Schalit]

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