Joel Schalit / 25 Jan 2021

Christmas in a Muslim neighbourhood. Neukölln, Berlin. [Joel Schalit]

Joel Schalit / 30 Nov 2020

Arab labour. Porta Palazzo, Torino. [Joel Schalit]

Finding her place on the map. Porta Palazzo, Torino. [Joel Schalit]

Equally applied to Asians and Arabs. Porta Palazzo, Torino. [Joel Schalit]

Joel Schalit / 23 Nov 2020

White like them. Neukölln, Berlin. [Joel Schalit]

Diversity is democratic. Torino, August 2019.
Joel Schalit / 27 Apr 2020

Diversity is democratic. Balon, Torino.

Joel Schalit / 27 Jan 2020

Migrant traffic florist. Grand Madre, Torino.

Multicultural Italy. Lingotto, September 2019.
Joel Schalit / 27 Nov 2019

The open city. Lingotto, Torino.

We are all Germans. Berlin, August 2019.
Joel Schalit / 30 Sep 2019

We are all Germans. Neukölln, Berlin.

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