The Northern Ireland Crisis

Boris Johnson is facing a crisis of confidence, but not in himself sadly. Discontent in the UK over Partygate and the cost-of-living crisis is matched by anger from Tory backbenchers.

Colonial tensions. Sinn Fein's Mary Lou McDonald (L) and Boris Johnson (R). Belfast, 22 March.

Many Conservative MPs are angry about lockdowns. They’re also angry about the lack of tax cuts and market reforms. They’re angry about the level of public spending. They’re angry about the fact that they’ve been had.

Boris Johnson conned the Tory Party, not just the country. It’s just another crisis for the government. Naturally, Johnson hopes he can turn his crisis into someone else’s problem and tearing up the Northern Ireland Protocol is one way.

Battleground editors Josh White and John Foster discuss the painful travails of Tory Britain and what the fallout may mean for Ireland.

Photograph courtesy of Number 10. Published under a Creative Commons license.