Max Sattonnay / 06 Jul 2024

Far-Right France

Understanding the 2024 Election

In a wide-ranging discussion hosted by The Battleground, Editor-in-Chief Joel Schalit was joined by Communications Director Max Sattonnay to analyse the rise of far-right forces in France’s National Assembly.(...)
John Foster / 14 Jun 2024

It Never Goes Away

The Berlin Antisemitism Controversy, by Frederick Beiser

“Die Juden sind unser Unglück" (the Jews are our misfortune), wrote the eminent German historian Heinrich von Treitschke in an essay that would spark intense debate and damage his reputation.(...)

Charlie Bertsch / 01 May 2024

Lying About Lying

Werner Herzog’s Die Zukunft der Wahrheit

“I have always vehemently opposed the misconception that facts are the same as truth,” writes Werner Herzog in his new book.(...)

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