Liberation Day Today

Remembering WWII in Italy

In the lead-up to every Liberation Day on 25 April, adverts commemorating the event appear on most of the municipal billboards of my Torino neighbourhood.

Smash the Swastika. Via Nizza, Torino.

Attacked by the right for celebrating communist responsibility for the downfall of Mussolini, the persistence of the commemoration is a relief amid the far-right drift of Italian politics.

This year is no different, as Italian legislators debated two bills about 25 April this week. In honour of this year’s observance, I collected photographs I’ve shot of adverts around my home. This time, with a twist.

Included are photos touching on death – nearly half a million Italians were killed in WWII – and recent events: the Ukraine War and the election of the first ‘postfascist’ government in Italy since WWII.

Body in a blanket. Giardino Sambuy, Torino.


‘Freedom’ in Arabic. Porta Palazzo, Torino.


Right-wing mourning ritual. Anti-abortion protest, Torino.


Liberation Day billboard advert. San Salvario, Torino.


Killed by work. Union accident protest, Torino.


Permanent war drag. Piazza Castello, Torino.


The glow of life. Centro Storico, Savona.


No New Cold War. Balon, Torino.


The neoliberal vacuum. 2022 election poster, Torino.


Photographs courtesy of Joel Schalit. All rights reserved.