Learning From the Protests

Aperture Priorities Contact Sheet #4

Regime change is on the horizon. Nationalism and borders are in; diversity and migrants are out. The centre-right is turning far-right, and populists will sweep the 2024 EU elections.

Flyers for the protest. Corso Giulio Cesare, Torino.

If you read the European press regularly, such statements are depressingly familiar. They’re made so often it’s as though they’re a fait accompli.

Never mind that Spain and Portugal have had centre-left governments for years, and Poland just voted out one of Europe’s most significant nationalist parties, the PiS.

You get the point. European politics remain complex despite Brexit and Giorgia Meloni’s ‘postfascist’ victory in last year’s Italian election.

Nothing makes this more apparent than the Palestinian solidarity protests that have swept the EU and UK over the last month.

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Photograph courtesy of Joel Schalit. All rights reserved.