Torino After the Pause

Aperture Priorities Contact Sheet #5

The flyers of Israeli captives still haven’t come down. Partially torn, covered in angry comments, nearly two months after the start of the war, they serve as a brutal reminder that Gaza is only a three-hour flight away.

Kidnapped Baby Kfir. Via Roma, Torino.

Lining Torino’s main commercial thoroughfare, Via Roma, their “Rapito” (Kidnapped) headline contrasts sharply with the elegant shoppers eagerly flooding the street’s upmarket retailers.

This morning, I talked about the child featured in the flyer above with a cousin in Tel Aviv. Hamas had informed the Netanyahu government that Kfir Bibas and his mother had been killed in Israeli attacks.

Asked whether this was true, I said likely so. Hamas could have used them as bargaining chips in the prisoner exchanges that had just concluded. They would have traded them if they could.

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Photograph courtesy of Joel Schalit. All rights reserved.