Travelling at Home

Aperture Priorities Contact Sheet #7

“We’ll call it hyperlocal.” Working as the editor of a citizen journalism startup in Silicon Valley, my boss was polling me on ideas to distinguish our platform from the new oped norm of the Huffington Post.

The peace and justice party. Centro storico, Savona.

“I’m not sure if that’s a great sell,” I remember responding. “We want users to help fill the void of daily and weekly newspapers, not do food and entertainment blogging.”

The CEO would not be deterred. On the company’s dime, the team went out for a drive and tried to inventory all the local things we could get people to write about. We didn’t get very far.

The best thing about the outing was how much we used our mobiles to take pictures of the neighbourhood. From Nokia N95s to the first iPhone models, everyone was shooting and sharing.

It was a nice break from work, and, as someone who always carries a compact camera with them, I caught a funeral underway at a nearby military cemetery.

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Photograph courtesy of Joel Schalit. All rights reserved.