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Aperture Priorities Contact Sheet #12

I never believed in black and white. As one of the last generations to grow up with a monochrome television, I can still recall the thrill of getting our first colour unit at home.

Still buys newspapers. Via Genova, Torino.

Plenty of black-and-white programming continued through the 1980s. But, watching sitcoms like All in The Family, with its loaded racial politics, in full colour, felt more real.

I didn’t get my own TV until I was a PhD student in the mid-1990s. By that point, digital cameras had started to appear, but punk friends stood their ground with film for the colour.

An ex-girlfriend became so obsessed with producing retro imagery that she bought used Soviet Zenit cameras and entered vintage photography contests in Austria and Turkey, which she won.

For her, black-and-white shooting wasn’t the past. It was all about imprecise, dreamy colours, recalling an era she never knew as an adult. Digital was soulless and technocratic, like CDs.

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Photograph courtesy of Joel Schalit. All rights reserved.