Outsourcing Emissions

Displacement is the new carbon chic. In this episode, Team ECB examines the impact of China’s oil and gas ventures in Central Asia.

Billboards are everything. Central Asia-China gas pipeline entrance, Turkmenistan.

“What?” I hear you ask? “I thought China was going green and aiming to reach net-zero before 2060.”

Take a listen to find out more about this huge story and learn the latest about the impact that the China National Petroleum Corporation is having on Kazakhstan.

We’ll also be bringing you the latest climate headlines from our region at the end of the episode.

This episode was produced by Natalie Sauer, Boris Schneider and Angelina Davydova.

The featured journalist is Stephen M. Bland, an award-winning author, researcher and editor specialising in post-Soviet territories.

Bland’s book on Central Asia, Does it Yurt? was published in 2016. He is currently putting the finishing touches on a book about the Caucasus.

Photograph courtesy of Gai Jourayev. Published under a Creative Commons license.