The Forgotten Europe

It was long overdue, but it arrived last year. With a remit spanning Central Europe to Central Asia, The Eurasian Climate Brief is the first podcast to report on climate issues in the post-Soviet sphere.
Extinction Rebellion in translation, Warsaw.

In this special New Year episode,  Team ECB takes you behind the scenes of the production of the Eurasian Climate Brief and recounts the biggest climate stories in 2021 for our region.

Natalie Sauer unpacks Eastern European climate politics, discussing how Poland and other Visegrád states have locked horns with the EU over climate legislation and forest conservation measures.

The spat between the Czech Republic and Poland over an open-pit lignite mine on the border is of particular concern, as it adds yet another legal challenge to Warsaw over its fidelity to European Union laws.

In Central Asia, Boris Schneider discusses the impact of energy-hungry crypto mining in Kazakhstan as well as the water disputes between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Commenting from her St. Petersburg kitchen, Angelina Davydova closes in on Russia’s climate 2060 net-zero climate target, the country’s mounting environmental protests, and the recent coal mine explosion in Kemerovo, Siberia, which left 51 dead.

Photograph courtesy of Wiktoria Ochocka. Published under a Creative Commons license.