Making Spain Far-Right Again

The Verónica Fumanal Interview

It’s all about the truth. Veteran Spanish political consultant Verónica Fumanal spoke with The Battleground about the impact of the 2023 election campaign on the country’s press.

Always following Italy. Santiago Abascal and Giorgia Meloni, 14 July.

The former communications director of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Fumanal highlights the polarisation in Spanish media, with some outlets openly aligning themselves with political parties.

This raises concerns about public access to reliable information and objective reporting.

The influence of Spain’s past, particularly the Franco era, on public opinion and democracy remains incredibly strong.

The lack of a common understanding of the fascist era hinders the younger generation’s awareness and allows for the manipulation of facts and ideologies related to Franco.

Fumanal suggests that Spain’s transition from dictatorship to democracy, without justice and memory, has contributed to this issue.

The interview also touches on the role of fake news and disinformation, as well as recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, in shaping Spain’s political landscape.

Fumanal suggests that the pandemic generated a desire for change that will influence the election.

The interview further explores the challenges posed by populism and changes in political communication and emphasises the need for critical thinking to counter disinformation.

The impact of simplified messaging and the struggle to engage the public on complex policy issues are common features of Spain’s electoral campaign.

Fumanal also sheds light on the consequences of the upcoming elections in the country, particularly the potential rise of the far-right Vox party and its Euroscepticism.

The challenges faced by the left and the need for a change in strategy are also discussed, along with the utilisation of recognizable figures in political campaigns.

Lastly, the interview emphasises the importance of trust, encourages voting to uphold democracy and addresses concerns about the spread of conspiracy theories.

Sound familiar? This is European politics today, in a nutshell.

Photograph courtesy of Vox España. Published under a Creative Commons license.