Confronting French Colonialism

The Françoise Vergès Interview

In an insightful interview, Françoise Vergès illuminates the intricate history and contemporary issues facing French overseas territories, particularly Mayotte and Kanaky (New Caledonia).

Anxiety prevails. Saint Denis, La Réunion.

A political scientist from Réunion Island, Vergès discusses the legacy of French colonialism, ongoing struggles for independence, and the rise of far-right parties in these regions.

Highlighting colonisation’s detrimental impacts, such as land dispossession, economic dependency, and socio-political repression, she emphasises the importance of understanding these territories’ unique histories to address their present challenges.

Vergès also calls for renewed anti-colonial practices, focusing on land and water rights, and urges the left to adapt its strategies to current realities.

This interview provides a comprehensive analysis of the complexities surrounding French overseas territories, making it a must-see for anyone interested in decolonisation and global politics.

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Photograph courtesy of Miwok. Published under a Creative Commons license.