Conservatives in Crisis

The Tory leadership contest is hotting up, with Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak failing to pitch themselves as Thatcher 2.0.

Liz Truss, ex-leftist. Estonia, December 2021.

Given Keir Starmer’s jihad against leftists in the Labour Party, Truss and Sunak are left to root out growing socialist tendencies amongst the Conservatives.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the logjam in the Democratic Party that has been holding back Joe Biden’s agenda is on the point of breaking. 

Fossil fuel champion Joe Manchin is now ready to support Biden’s anti-climate change measure, and even Kyrsten Sinema has said she’ll sign the president’s budget package today.

Change is afoot, but where it might be leading is the question of the day. Things might not be getting better, but at least they might soon be different.

In this episode of Left To Burn, Josh White and John Foster parse the ins and outs of political developments in the US and the UK.

Photograph courtesy of UK Government. Published under a Creative Commons license.