Elected by Macron

Few French politicians are as loathsome as Marine Le Pen. Patiently waiting her turn for the presidency, she’s spent decades on the sidelines, preparing to take over.

Secret Roman salute. Marine Le Pen, Paris.

Thanks to centre-right politicians like arch-enemy Emanuel Macron copping her nationalist ideas and pushing France rightwards, Le Pen finally has her shot.

Coming in second in this year’s parliamentary elections, her Rassemblement National party (formerly the Front National) earned its highest number of seats in the French legislature ever.

According to Battleground Communications Director Maxime Sattonay, Macron more than deserves the blame.

Sattonay spoke to editor Joel Schalit about the election results and why, unless France’s third-largest party, La France Insoumise can refresh its leadership, Le Pen’s next home is the Élysée.

Photograph courtesy of Ernest Morales. Published under a Creative Commons license.