Getting Rid of Boris

Boris Johnson has resigned. He’s still premier until September, so it’s not time to start singing “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead” just yet.

Hard to give up the limo service. Boris Johnson, 13 July.

These should be good times. But Britain’s Labour Party is mired in institutional and political malaise, with Keir Starmer unable to do anything other than imitate the Liberal Democrats and the Tories.

Starmer will do anything, or so it seems, to find a constituency to replace his party’s one-time working class, centre-left base. Preferably affluent, fiftysomething legal professionals, like himself.

In the latest edition of the Left To Burn podcast, Josh White and John Foster look at the sorry state of the Labour Party, and ask whether it might be relevant again.

Not to forget old BoJo, but what will the Tories do without him? They’ll never find another car crash like Johnson. Join us for a chat on post-Brexit politics in an increasingly disunited kingdom. 

Photograph courtesy of Number 10. Published under a Creative Commons license.