Goodbye to Torystan

The bad news is the UK election campaign has begun. The good news is it will soon be over.

Bad for the economy, better for the left. Anti-government protest, London.

Rishi Sunak is hoping he can at least limit the damage to his party by calling a July election, but defeat for the Tories looks almost certain.

It will take a miracle for Sunak to reverse the fortunes of his government and his party.

Many people believe the prime minister has given up hope and this is an exit strategy for the former lockdown chancellor. The destination: California.

It’s easy to see the logic.  The Labour Party will likely romp home with a solid majority on 5 July.

Whether it is a landslide or not, the Conservatives will undergo a political transformation. It will mark the end of Tory misrule, and the technocratic populism Sunak tried to forge.

Even long-serving neocon Michael Gove is abandoning ship. The game is up. It’s clear to everyone.

Over 100 MPs are stepping down at this election, including almost 80 Conservatives. This means the character of the Tory party will be changed, whether or not it survives this election with minor or massive losses.

Meanwhile, Labour is more confident than ever and Team Starmer is preparing for a stand-off with Jeremy Corbyn in Islington North. Labour has once again trampled its membership and local base in Islington.

Photograph courtesy of Revolutionary Communist Party. Published under a Creative Commons license.