Regime Change Blues

It’s the last week of the UK election, and Labour is slated to win.  What could this mean for the country?

Long overdue. Stockwell, London.

There are lessons to draw from the French legislative elections unfolding this week. The far-right National Rally looks set to break through against the neoliberal technocratic regime of Emmanuel Macron, but the left has formed a united bloc to take them on.

The UK could face a rejuvenated populist challenge if the incoming Labour government fails to deliver meaningful change. Keir Starmer has put all his political capital into reviving British capitalism, but there is little hope of returning to boomtime.

Labour might be able to stabilise the national situation by foreclosing Scottish independence and resolving the crisis over the UK border in Ireland. However, the party lacks ambition and lacks a grand vision for real change.

British democracy is in a sorry state today. What the country desperately needs is a new left bloc to take on the establishment and fend off Reform UK and its successors. This isn’t going to emerge on its own.

Josh White, on his fears for the future.

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Photograph courtesy of Duncan Cumming. Published under a Creative Commons license.