Same As it Ever Was

When is a change not a change? When one member of the moribund House of Windsor gives way to another but the inexorable decline of the United Kingdom continues apace.

Closet Kiss fan. QE2, Shoreditch.

Meanwhile, another anniversary of 9/11 has come and gone, and the world that was supposed to be changed forever on that terrible day plods on much as it ever has.

In this episode of the Left To Burn podcast, The Battleground’s Josh White and John Foster look at events that masquerade as transformations.

Human beings are fond of dividing things into periods, one from another. But scratch the surface of most epochal changes and you find that continuities abound.

Will the era of Charles III provide any new answers to Irish questions? Or will Liz Truss’s newly minted premiership run aground on the rocks of that most distressful country?

And how have the dynamics of world power shifted in the two decades since 9/11 momentarily stopped the world from turning?

Tune in as our intrepid podcasters try to sort it out.

Photograph courtesy of Duncan C. Published under a Creative Commons license.