The Long March to Monoculturalism

The battle for Islington North is playing out, with thousands of Corbynites flooding the area. But they’re up against the Labour Party machine and its vast resources.

Fascist lineage. Anti-Farage installation, London.

Whoever wins, the British left has to look beyond Parliament to regroup.

Meanwhile, Nigel Farage has broken through TikTok reaching thousands of young voters. Reform UK offers them easy answers about the economic and social malaise they are facing in a post-industrial society with no community and no hope.

There is now a campaign to establish a Reform UK Youth wing, what we might call the Farage Youth. The backers are Identitarian Zoomers who want to return to a monocultural Britain

The problem is that Reform UK is a nationalist libertarian party. Farage wants to close the borders and overhaul the status quo, but his vision is still Thatcherite. This may have to change for Reform to eat away at Labour’s vote over the next five years.

The Labour Party looks set for victory, but its agenda and strategy are defined by caution and a lack of vision. Keir Starmer may win a huge majority on the fourth of July. However, his government could doom the country to a far-right victory in five or 10 years.

Josh White, on Nigel Farage’s election push and how it’s radicalising the British right.

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Photograph courtesy of Kyoshi Masamune. Published under a Creative Commons license.