Twilight of the Tories

Britain is preparing for a general election in 2024, but very few voters are enthused by the choices waiting for them at the ballot box.

Soon to lose: Rishi Sunak.

After 14 years of misrule, the Tories face a stronger Labour Party and a new alternative right-wing challenge thanks to their own failings.

The UK may be on course for a Labour victory for the first time since 2005, yet this is not due to anything the Labour leadership has done since 2019.

The Tory electoral coalition is falling apart because of the cost-of-living crisis coupled with staggering interest rates after Liz Truss almost tanked pensions.

Although the years of Tory misrule may finally be coming to an end, there is little hope of real change in the UK.

Labour leader Keir Starmer is running on a risk-averse, fiscal conservative strategy to win power for its own sake. His vision is holding office and nothing more.

Josh White, with a new Left To Burn series.

Photograph courtesy of Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Govt. Published under a Creative Commons license.