Big shoes to fill. London, June 2017.
Josh Kitto / 29 Jan 2020

Rebuilding the Labour Party

The Search for Intelligent Life

X left defeated by x far-right. It doesn’t matter where it is. It always happens, in every country.

It happens so regularly, in fact, you’d think it was preprogrammed. Conspiracy theory, anyone?(...)

Loyalist Ballygowan, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.
Josh Kitto / 20 Sep 2019

The Return of Direct Rule

Northern Ireland and Brexit

Brexit’s fate was always going to be determined by the Irish border. Efforts to limit migration have always ignored the threat it posed. (...)

The America they don't like. Anti-Trump protest, London.
Josh Kitto / 04 Sep 2019

The United States of Britain

Brexit Means Identity Crisis

How many justices of the UK Supreme Court can you name? It's a flippant question to pose, especially to British politicians and journalists. Chances are, they'll only be able to cite American ones.(...)

Josh Kitto / 06 Mar 2019

The Declining Appeal of Brexit

Labour’s Struggle With Remain

The worst thing about the 2016 EU referendum wasn’t its outcome. It was the sense of claustrophobia it gave Britain.(...)