Sean Quinn / 06 Nov 2019

Ireland’s British Hangover

Brexit and What Comes After

“I’ve applied for Irish citizenship.” Pre-Brexit, this would have been amazing to hear in a cut-glass accent by a late-middle-aged upper-class British woman. But Brexit was looming and she didn’t want any hassle commuting to her country home, in France. (...)

Sean Quinn / 26 Jul 2019

The Sea Has No King

Carola Rackete vs. Matteo Salvini, Part III

Picture this: You are the captain of an NGO rescue ship that has been stranded at sea for weeks awaiting permission to dock at the nearest port.(...)
Sean Quinn / 19 Jul 2019

The War of Attrition

Carola Rackete vs. Matteo Salvini, Part II

NGO crews patrolling the Mediterranean for refugees have noticed a change in the treatment of some of their ships.(...)

Sean Quinn / 19 Jun 2019

Circular Firing Squads

The Self-Defeating Italian Left

The corpses of security guards lay strewn among broken glass and crumpled cars on Via Fani. A dead body, displayed in fetal position, in the trunk of a red Renault 4 and a dejected, thin-faced man with a wry smile posed before the flag of his captors.(...)