Duncan Simpson / 20 Dec 2021

East Meets West (Slight Return)

China’s Social Credit Model, Part II

The most frequent misconception around China’s Social Credit System (SoCS) is to conflate it with their massively more advanced and covert surveillance and security state.(...)

Duncan Simpson / 15 Dec 2021

Pandemic Politics Anxieties

China’s Social Credit Model, Part I

As winter descends across Europe, fears over a new surge in infections, driven by the latest Coronavirus variant, are reviving authoritarian anxieties. (...)

Duncan Simpson / 08 Sep 2021

Ideological Upheaval

Pandemic Rebels and Fascist Longings

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, opposition to anti-contagion efforts has been led by a small number of fringe groups and quasi-movements linked together by social media.(...)

Duncan Simpson / 04 Jun 2021

Cold War Steve

The Rebirth of English Satire

In Anatomy of Melancholy (1621), English writer Robert Burton offered a precise explanation for the phenomena of laughter as that which seeks to "condemn the world of folly". (...)

Duncan Simpson / 22 Mar 2021

Cutting Up Boris Johnson

The Citadel, Directed by John Smith

Emerging from the early morning fog, the polymorphous skyline of London's financial centre can just about be glimpsed.(...)

Duncan Simpson / 24 Feb 2021

The COVID Excuse

Vaccine Passports and Human Rights

As vaccination programmes in Europe and America accelerate, there is increasing clamour for their benefits to be fast-tracked through the use of vaccination or immunity passports.(...)

Duncan Simpson / 21 Dec 2020

The Truth About Coronavirus

Science and Governing the Emergency

The phrase "being led by the science" has been repeated like a battle cry by leaders across Europe since the first cases of COVID-19 appeared on the continent in February.(...)

Duncan Simpson / 16 Dec 2020

Pandemic Interiors

Pinkcourtesyphone and Coronavirus Politics

Dark ambient music is an unlikely vehicle for contemporary social criticism.(...)

The only thing they can do is run. London, 8 May.
Duncan Simpson / 25 May 2020

Life Under Lockdown

London Calling (COVID-19 Remix)

I've been very lucky in lockdown. I'm on the first floor of a small block, not two dozen floors up, shut into a little box where the windows don't open and the lift is always broken.(...)

Duncan Simpson / 29 May 2019

A Political Obituary

Theresa May as Katechon

Though the chimes of Big Ben, looming over the Palace of Westminster, are silent, the bell has finally tolled for Prime Minister Theresa May.(...)